STASH Coolers

Since we first introduced our product in spring of 2017, STASH Coolers has made a name for itself within the larger outdoor / marine industry. Our products have been featured by a series of media outlets and acknowledged for their innovations in the space. Listed below are a handful of the publications and brands that have featured our inflatable coolers.

Cool things

Stash Coolers: Someone made an inflatable ice box and it's surprisingly awesome.

The big advantage of soft coolers over rigid ones is the fact that the former can pack down into a small size after you use up its contents. That means, you can just stash it inside a bag or the glove compartment, instead of having to take up more space in the boot of your car. The Stash Cooler offers a more unique alternative…

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gear junkie

Inflatable 'stash' coolers blow up like a sup board.

Drawing from the manufacturing style of inflatable stand-up paddle boards (SUPs), the Stash is literally a soft fabric cooler that inflates into a rigid container. If it’s anything like SUPs, it will be strong and durable when inflated, and compress to save space when deflated…

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HI Consumption

Stash Rigid Inflatable Cooler

The biggest problem with most hardshell coolers is that they take up a ton of space when you aren’t using them. But soft-sided coolers just don’t offer the same protection to the stuff you stash inside of them. Well, now there’s a middle ground. It’s called the Stash Rigid Inflatable Cooler…

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lakeland boating

STASH rigid inflatable coolers

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Southern Boating

Stash Cooler

Designed to improve cooler storage and transportation challenges, the Stash Inflatable Cooler quickly transforms to a large durable cooler that’s lightweight and portable. Stash Coolers combine the benefits of hard and soft coolers into one do-it-all solution.

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Rudrow's fishtalk

New Hot Fishing Gear 2017

In the World’s Most Unusual Cooler category, we have the new Stash. When West Marine told us they were going to (exclusively) carry the Stash and asked us to test one out, we had no idea what we were in for—the Stash is actually a sort of RIB-style inflatable cooler…

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New England Boating

Stash Inflatable Cooler

Quick and easy to inflate, STASH coolers are broken into 2 collections: The C Series is rectangular in shape, and comprises 4 models ranging in size from 75 to 175 quarts, while the A Series, designed for both recreational and commercial use, is available in 225, 300, 450, and 600 quarts…

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8 coolers and ice chests for hauling beer, burgers, and plenty of juice boxes.

Beach trips. Pool days. Long car rides. Those woefully rare afternoons when the kids are away and you want to drink cold beer without walking to the fridge. The cooler is a ubiquitous device, and — our apologies to sunscreen, pool noodles, and boardshorts — the ultimate summer accessory. So please, pony up for a proper portable ice chest…

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