STASH Coolers

Designed to alleviate your cooler storage and transportation challenges, we introduce Stash: The Original Rigid Inflatable Cooler (RIC). With their ability to quickly unfold and inflate into a large rigid cooler, Stash combines the benefits of hard and soft coolers into one do-it-all solution.

Inspiration for this innovation came from the founders’ personal experiences with inflatable SUPs and rafts. Avid watermen, they quickly realized that same drop-stitch technology could be applied to coolers, and would offerusers the capacity, durability, and thermal benefits of hard coolers, with the portability, weight-saving, and collapsibility benefits of soft coolers.

Over two years, 100 prototypes, 17 patents, and nine trademarks later, the design has been perfected, and a collection of eight coolers ranging in capacities from 75 to 600 quarts is now available. Get PUMPED on the experience!

We have invested heavily in the design and development of our new cooler technology, and have leveraged intellectual property protection to help safeguard our R&D investment, including brand protection, design patent protection, and utility patent protection both domestically and in foreign jurisdictions. Our strategic approach to intellectual property helps ensure that we are able to bring you the most innovative and advanced cooler technology we have to offer.


Founder's Story

It was that in-depth knowledge of this type of construction that lead to his “eureka” moment after a morning solo deep-sea fishing. Having just landed a big one, he was wrestling with a kill bag that continually collapsed as he tried to get his fish on ice. Later that day, when cleaning up and getting all his gear organized, he struggled moving his large plastic cooler from point A to point B. And that was when the light bulb went off.  Since air space is an insulator and drop-stitch fabric becomes rigid when inflated, he could design a completely new type of cooler that would combine the benefits of hard and soft wall coolers into one. And with that, STASH – the Original Rigid Inflatable Cooler was born.


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