The A-Series

STASH’s A-Series of coolers was designed with core anglers, big game sportsmen, and campers in mind. Whether sport fishing in deep seas or trolling inland lakes, these coolers provide big time storage for your day’s catch without weighing you or your boat down. From your garage, to your truck, to the boat and back, they’re easy to transport and easy to store, and the patented A shaped construction assures greater stability when loaded.

Military-grade materials and a rugged feature-set are designed to withstand the abuse that comes from boat life, and the extra-large capacity range appeals to commercial rigs as well as weekend warriors.

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Core Anglers

Big Game Sportsman


225 quarts

Stash A225 Cooler


300 quarts

Stash A300 Cooler


450 quarts

Stash A450 Cooler


600 quarts

Stash A600 Cooler


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